International M.A. Program In Jewish Studies

Focused on Social Justice and Global Activism

Held in University of Haifa and Rural Zambia​

This Masters Program, in partnership with University of Haifa, is a unique opportunity for activists and scholars who are interested in deepening their knowledge of Jewish texts and history, while developing a practice of activism inspired by Jewish values. The program will include special focus on the Jewish social justice tradition, in addition to a service component through Tevel b'Tzedek's rural community development program in Zambia.

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International M.A. Program In Jewish Studies

Outstanding Opportunity for Activists, Educators, Scholars and Social Justice Practitioners

Who should apply?

Students who have earned their BA and are interested in pursuing graduate studies in the field of Jewish Studies in one of Israel’s leading Universities, and are also interested in engaging their Jewish Values in a Global activism setting. The successful applicant should be ready for a fascinating and rigorous academic experience in Haifa, followed by a transformative experience serving vulnerable communities with piers in rural Zambia.

MA in Jewish Studies

Structure and Curriculum

The Overall structure of the program will be divided between a full academic year – two semesters, with one whole day of courses per week- and a semester with Tevel b’Tzedek in Zambia.

The MA in Jewish Studies, is a 36 point (9 classes) degree. The MA is earned over two semesters at the University of Haifa (28 points) and a third semester abroad (8 points) in a Tevel b’Tzedek program. The Jewish Studies courses will explore topics relevant to Tevel b’Tzedek, including “Social Justice in the Hebrew Bible,” “Justice and Charity in Rabbinic Literature,” “Community and the ‘Other’ in Medieval Jewish History,” and “Jewish Esotericism: A Magical-Mystery Tour.” Suitable candidates may also take courses offered by the University of Haifa’s International Program  including the ‘MBA with Specialization in Sustainability,’ ‘Diplomacy Studies,’ and ‘Peace and Conflict Management.’

The Program in Zambia will be divided between a service element, and an academic curriculum.

Be the change

Volunteer Roles

Within the service element, participants will take on specific volunteer roles with local organizations working in the field of Rural Sustainable Development, for example:

  • Youth agriculture outreach intern – volunteers will work alongside local youth in developing an income generating farm to support local schools.
  • SME business administration coach – supporting community based enterprises in best practices of administration and business management.
  • Social Media Advocacy Intern – Supporting a local organization by improving their online presence and developing a communications strategy for advocacy purposes.
  • Women’s health awareness outreach intern – Engaging teenage women in raising awareness to women’s health issues and enhancing pertinent activities.

Further Details​


Enrollment is on a rolling basis, with the last day of

Tuition at University of Haifa’s International school for 2021-2022 academic year is $11,339, including tuition and service fees. Some additional registration fees apply, in addition to dorm costs if required. For further information on tuition look here.
Participation in Tevel’s service program requires additional payment:

  1. $5900 in participation fees. A $4500 scholarship will be available for eligible students. These fees cover operation costs for the entire program, including tuition, full room and board, all in-country transportation and educational activities.
  2. Students are required to pay their own air fare, travelers insurance and Visa fees for Zambia.

Any Accredited degree in the Humanities will suffice, but there is preference for background in Jewish Studies. For a full list of requirements, please look here >

Currently we are preparing Service options within Tevel’s Zambia program. Later on additional options will be available.

Who are we?

About us

 Tevel b’Tzedek is an Israeli non-profit, established in 2006. Our mission is to transform the lives of rural communities in low income countries, by creating sustainable economic development and investing in human and social capital in the community level. For our upcoming Zambia program, we have partnered with several excellent local organizations, and will be working with them to create better living conditions and futures for rural communities.


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